The Spongetones


Label: Loaded Goat Records
Catalog #: LG2155
Formats: CD
Released: April 12, 2005
Country: USA
Status: Available

Label: Sony Music Distribution
Catalog #: MHCP-899
Formats: CD
Released: 2006
Country: Japan
Status: Available


Jamie Hoover
Guitars, Vocals
Steve Stoeckel
Bass, Vocals
Rob Thorne
Pat Walters
Guitar, Vocals

Number 9

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Just when you thought that Big Star and the Flamin' Groovies had said most of what needed saying in the vein of British-flavored '70s and '80s power pop, along came the Spongetones to add some unique wrinkles of their own. Their 2005 album Number 9 evokes, by turns, elements of '60s British beat and American sunshine pop, most of it played with a wattage level and attack closer in spirit to the top garage bands of the period [...] the singing is powerful, the melodies memorable, and the attack on their instruments is pretty compelling. 

Bruce Eder, AllMusic

Track   Title Duration
1   Anyway Town 2:58
2   Alayna 2:30
3   Bring It All Over me 3:53
4   Metal Mother World 3:43
5   The One That Gets You 2:56
6   Cruel and Unusual Punishment 3:33
7   Future Perfect 2:46
8   Other Girls 2:39
9   Homonym Girl 3:39
10   I Dance To You 2:04
11   Nights in Deja Vu 2:06
12   Still Life 3:19
13   Dreaming in English 3:53

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