The Spongetones


Publicity Photos

These publicity photos are part of our electronic press kit (EPK) and are made available for venues, news outlets, and music reviewers to use in materials related to The Spongetones. 

download-color-screenres_right.png Screen resolution photos are available for use online and are denoted by icons with a computer screen.
download-color-printres_right.png Full resolution photos are available for use in print publications and are denoted by icons with a printer. Full resolution photos are NOT recommended for use online as they are unnecessarily large and will cause websites to load slowly. For online use, please use our screen resolution photos.

To save, right mouse click on a download icon and choose "Save link as".  Do not choose "Save image as" as that will save a copy of the download icon rather than the picture. 

Note: Printed photographs must include the photographer's watermark, unless a photo credit is given to "Laura S. Tinnel". Non-watermarked images are available from the photographer.

The Spongetones Publicity Photo #8918