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ABC World News Polka

The Spongetones were contacted by the ABC World News Now (WNN) associate producer, David Bandfield, to write and record a World News Polka. This video, filmed in May 2008, ultimately aired during the closing credits for ABC World News Now for 8 months, beginning in June 2008.

See the "Making of the ABC World News Polka" video for more insight!

This music video was produced by Steve Boyle of SkidMedia, Inc. The associate producer was Elizabeth Malcolm.

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Meet The Spongetones!

Meet The Spongetones! is a short documentary produced in April 2011 by Olivia Frain (aka Homonym Girl).

Olivia followed the band to the famous green room at the Double Door Inn in Charlotte, NC, seeking to answer the question of how a Beatle band from 1979 remained together 32 years later. Jamie Hoover and Steve Stoeckel talk about the band's beginnings, what they were attempting to do, and who their influences were. The documentary includes early and later concert footage.

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25 Years of The Spongetones

Most bands never make it to 25 years, but The Spongetones did. In honor of the anniversary, the band wives got together in 2004 and made this tribute video as a surprise for the band. The video features photos through the years, accompanied by some of their music of the time.